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The goal of tax planning is to arrange your financial affairs in such a way that minimizes your tax burden. There are three basic ways to reduce your taxes, and each basic method may have variations. You can reduce your income, increase your tax deductions, and take advantage of tax credits. Effective tax planning is the key to successfully and legally reducing your tax liability. A&W Business Solutions, Inc. will go beyond simple tax compliance. A&W Business Solutions, Inc. proactively recommend tax-saving strategies to maximize your after-tax income.

Let us face it, when was the last time your tax preparer called you and said: Have I got the tax plan for you to save on your taxes? Our polls showed that 9 of 10 taxpayers replied with “NEVER”.

Moreover, I am sure that all of us remember that 2012 was a year with many uncertainties over tax provisions, which made tax planning very difficult. 2013 was no different. As we approach the end of 2014, many of us face a common challenge – The unfortunate certainty that our taxes are most likely to go up.

With the return of higher tax rates, restored itemized deduction and personal exemption limitations, and the new Medicare taxes on both earned and investment income, many of us will very likely experience a significant rate increase in 2014. That is why; A&W Business Solutions, Inc. has outlined several planning techniques for our 2014 individual TAX Planning process to help you mitigate the burden of these additional taxes.

We have implemented a new tool that is designed specifically to do nothing other than Tax Planning. The Tax planning technique we are introducing to you the taxpayer is a unique tool that will not only show you how much money you will be saving on your taxes, rather, and in addition to the dollar amount,you will enjoy the luxury of having a Tax Savings Plan at your fingertips designed specifically for you and based on your own tax return data.

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