IRS Representation

Nothing strikes fear in the heart of a taxpayer more than opening the mail box and finding a letter from the Internal Revenue Service. What if the letter states that your return has been chosen to be examined?

Many taxpayers have issues with their back taxes. Owing taxes to the IRS can be stressful and failure to take action to resolve the problem will quickly worsen the situation. A TRUSTED and CERTIFIED firm such as A&W Business Solutions, Inc. can help you obtain the optimal agreement with the IRS by using one or many of a variety of proven strategies we have accumulated over the years.

Whether you: you owe back taxes, have IRS levies against you, you received a letter from the IRS, have IRS seizures, IRS wage garnishment, Late tax return filing, Non filed tax returns, you need an installment payment plan set-up with the IRS or even an offer of compromise.

A&W Business Solutions, Inc. fully understands how the tax system works and can always find the best solutions for your tax needs and not what is best to the IRS.

If you can identify with one or more of the items listed in here, you owe it yourself and for the sake of your family peace of mind to contact us today for your Free, Confidential and No Obligation Consultation. (832) 321-3929

A word of wisdom: Be very wary of tax companies promising to settle tax liabilities for less. It is not possible for any tax company to claim upfront that they can settle your tax claim for less not knowing for sure your complete tax and financial situation.

A&W Business Solutions, Inc. will obtain a complete understanding of the tax matter before determining what the outcome likely to be. This is a risk free process comes from us as a Thank you to our clients because they allowed us the opportunity to be of service.